A&F Featherweight Snare Drum Burnt Orange Patina 14X4in

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Size: 14X4”
Shell: Aluminum
Construction: Extra Thin
Bearing edge: 45°
Lugs: 10
Hoops: Straight Aluminum
Finish: Burnt Orange Patina

The A&F Drum Co. Featherweight Series is the Lightest series of drums we've ever made.  
Snares weigh 3.6-4.5lbs !!!

All Featherweight drums are made from A&F's proprietary aluminum shells, hoops, lugs and hardware, that's right ALL ALUMINUM with Remo Ambassador heads and a natural Mother Nature patina! 

They hand cut, roll, weld, and sand our shells and hoops.  Then expedite the aging process with their proprietary patina method, they hand cut bearing edges, then add their patented aluminum center-mounted lugs and hardware.  

The A&F Drum Co. Featherweight Series are the lightest drum currently in production!

Each Snare drum is built to order.
Lead Time: 20 weeks(longer on custom sizes as heads will need to be ordered to accommodate)

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