Dragonfly School Band Timpani Mallets - Medium Carbon Fiber

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The Dragonfly “School Band” medium timpani stick is a perfect all-purpose timpani stick for any school band or student. It is a Viennese-style stick known as “flannelschlager.” Rather than a core wrapped with white felt that quickly and invariably frays and deteriorates, our stick is constructed of layers of durable fabric discs, tightly stacked on the end of the stick. They have a clear, articulate attack with lots of fundamental and body to the sound. This style of stick has been used widely in Europe for decades and has recently become popular in the US. Rather than wearing out like felt wrapped sticks, these stick “wear in.” The longer you use them, the better they sound. The light-weight aluminum handle has excellent response off the head and feels great in the hand. The rubber cap on the butt-end helps mitigate the noise of sticks dropped accidentally.

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