Yamaha DTX8K-X Real Wood TCS pads

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  • Faithfully reproduces real drum sounds and real-room ambience recorded in world renowned studios
  • AMBIENCE, COMP, and EFFECT Kit Modifier knobs that allow you to create your own unique sounds
  • Yamaha's original TCS heads are used for snare and toms, achieving a comfortable, natural feel and rebound that makes you want to keep playing
  • Beautiful wood shells that are built and finished at Yamaha acoustic drum factories
  • The snare/tom/hi-hat pads are equipped with two playing zones and the cymbal pads all have three zones
  • Snare pad and ride cymbal are equipped with a hit point detection function
  • Professional Yamaha system hardware used for hardware and racks



Module DTX-PRO

Pad Snare XP125SD-X (12 inch) TCS head 2-zone pad

Tom 1, 2 XP105T-X (10 inch) TCS head 2-zone pad

Floor Tom XP105T-X (10 inch) TCS head 2-zone pad

Bass Drum KP90 (7.5 inch) rubber head with Multi layer cushion

Hi-Hat RHH135 (13 inch) 2-zone pad

Crash Cymbal 1 PCY135 (13 inch) 3-zone pad

Crash Cymbal 2 PCY135 (13 inch) 3-zone pad

Ride Cymbal PCY155 (15 inch) 3-zone pad

Hi-Hat Stand HS650A

Rack System RS8

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