Copy of Kolberg WFT26 Viennese flannel timpani mallets - tonkin shaft

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Traditional timpani mallets made of flannel discs. A coloured tension nut fixes the layered discs on the wooden thread and marks their hardness level.
The timbre of the Viennese flannel mallet is softer and warmer, the Dresden Style mallet more succinct and clear. These timpani mallets are very versatile and clear in articulation and are especially suited for pieces of the Viennese Classic.

WFT34 - 15 mm - green - approx 33gr
very warm, soft / round, balanced frequency spectrum / very large sound volume / top heavy mallet
tonkin, waxed - cylindrical - approx. 11mm - 370mm

We use exclusively hand-picked, optimally processed tonkin cane, hornbeam and common beech wood. The mallets are assorted and matched in weight so that they fit together as pairs. The tonkin shafts with plugged ends are matched for their nodal points.


Accessories (additional price)

Non-slip sleeves for timpani mallets with tonkin shafts, set of 3 (985)

Mallet bags

  • Mallet backpack "Masterpiece" 897D
  • Mallet bag, large 897G

Timpani mallet case (899)

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