Istanbul Agop XIST Dry Dark hi-hat Cymbals 17in (1060/1450g)

Article number: 210000035353
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Alloy: B20

Weight: Extra Thin top/Medium-Thin bottom
Sound profile: 
Dark, dry, trashy, fat

Chick volume: Low

Dark and trashy attack. Washy, yet with a quick decay. Insert an additional 17” Dry Dark Crash resting in the bottom cymbal for a focused attack on top and a fat, crunchy attack on the side as well as a more prominent chick sound. Paired with the 17” Dry Dark Crash as an alternate bottom, they’re dark, and trashy but with moderate volume. When not used as a Hi-Hat Pair, the top cymbal makes an explosive full bodied crash, and the bottom can be used as a small light ride or bell effect.

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