DW DWSM9214 Incremental Clutch W/ Attachment

Article number: DWSM9214
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The DW DWSM9214 hi-hat adapter is all you need to add auxiliary hats to your kits — no additional stand or pedal is required. Just mount the DWSM9214 to the top of any standard cymbal stand, place your bottom cymbal between the large felts, and install your top cymbal onto the included clutch. Unlike a fixed remote hi-hat, DW's Incremental Clutch system allows you to adjust looseness by twisting the top lever with a hand or stick. Keep your hats tight for a verse and open them up for breakdown. Like all DW hardware, the DWSM9214 is built to make lives easier for performers and drum techs. Sweetwater drummers were quick to note the cymbal seat's incorporated cymbal sleeve and top felt's integrated washer, which minimize parts to lose and make setup and teardown a snap.

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