Brief History:
The company was founded by Bernhard Kolberg. His dual training and experience as a mechanical engineer and orchestral drummer helped him to understand the professional needs of musicians and orchestras and to implement the requirements of music practice in such a way that his products were very well received. In addition, Bernhard Kolberg did an apprenticeship with drum maker Eugen Giannini in Zurich. After his active time as a drummer with various symphony orchestras (Süddeutscher Rundfunk, Stuttgart Opera Orchestra, Stuttgart Philharmonic), he started his own business in 1968 as an instrument maker, initially in Ebersbach / Fils. In 1978 the company moved to its own premises in Uhingen.
The company has a product catalog of over 4,000 items, the majority of which are percussion instruments. Orchestral requirements (music accessories) also represent an important product line. Complete furniture for symphony and opera orchestras is offered. This includes music stands and conductors' desks, special seating furniture for the individual instrumentalists in the orchestra, as well as transport and storage furniture. The flight cases for the transport of furniture and instruments of all genres are also an addition to the orchestra's needs.