The Kolberg Orchestral Tambourine

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The Kolberg Orchestral Tambourine

Kolberg concert tambourines are made for those who demand the best sound and comfort.
Kolberg tambourines come with natural or plastic skins, in various combinations and sizes.
The most important orchestras worldwide appreciate the versatility offered by Kolberg's patented procedure which makes it possible to change the jingles in just a few steps. These orchestral tambourines are also the first choice for percussionists who want to achieve their individual sound ideas.

Kolberg offers a complete line of orchestral tambourines covering the range of symphonic repertoire.


Kolberg's best-selling tambourine is also their most versatile one. The Kolberg 2025DW is a 10", 2-row tambourine set on a common beech shell. The slots for the jingles are made quite large, thus bringing the general weight of the instrument down and encouraging free movement of the jingles. The removable pins for the jingles are part of the many patented innovations brought to the concert tambourine. Simply remove a pin which will release the 4 jingles of that column and replace the pre-set chrome jingles by either the hammered and hand-crimped bronze or the nickel jingles. There are many possible combinations, such as putting 3 jingles in the same slot or mixing nickel and bronze. The 2025DW tambourine is the most versatile tambourine available. It is hard to beat. Now imagine that on a 12", 2-row with 24 sets of jingles for the bigger, louder passages such as in Prokofiev's 5th Symphony, or the long elegant soft rolls in Daphnis & Chloë


Another option to consider in the orchestral tambourine line is the Kolberg 2025DBC, aka the "Mix."
With 10 pairs of chrome and 10 pairs of hammered and hand-crimped bronze jingles, this is a real all-around tambourine. You can cover the complete dynamic range from the softest pianissimo thanks to the small chrome jingles and a wide, warm fortissimo thanks to the hammered and hand crimped bronze jingles. Any excerpt in most acoustics will sound great on this instrument.

If you prefer a more filigrane, crystalline, slim sound, we suggest you look into the Kolberg 2025DC. This orchestral tambourine sports a smaller size chrome jingles and would work beautifully for the softer, more elegant excerpts such as the Prelude to Act 4 to the opera Carmen by Bizet  or even the Storm out of the Four Interludes from Peter Grimes by Benjamin Britten.

The Kolberg 2025DN, a nickel, hand-hammered and hand-crimped tambourine, is the driest most succinct option in the line of orchestral hand drums. It allows for very precise interventions such as in Trepak from Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker. The Kolberg 2025DB tambourines have 2 rows of large bronze, over-hammered and hand-crimped jingles. They're bright and warm, which would fit perfectly for the louder, more spectacular tambourine passages such as Dvorak’s Carnival Overture.




Most models of Kolberg tambourines are available in single and double row as well as in 10 or 12", some even in 14". 


Kolberg make their own multi-ply common beach shells with large slots which let the jingles move more freely and will also bring the weight down just a little bit. A lighter weight and an ergonomically designed grip make it more comfortable. All the extra manipulations such as light finger dampening and simply picking up and putting down are also easier.

All models are available with plastic or natural heads. The natural calf heads (Kalfo) have undergone a special patented procedure which has a particular compound added to the edge along the entire circumference for a much easier use of the thumb roll. A specific rosin powder (TKP) can be applied for extra adherence if need be.


The rosin isn’t the only accessory available for the orchestral tambourines. Kolberg Tambourine Bags come in 10" and 12" and are nicely padded for safe traveling and guarantee protection for the natural head.

The most impressive accessory is probably the Kolberg 2025K2 combination stand for the tambourine. A cross-shaped handle with sturdy rubber bands will have your Kolberg symphonic tambourine in a free-floating position. If you need a little more stability, you can adjust the dampening knob. This stand offers the possibility for an infinity thumb roll without any extra acrobatics. One can simply put the instrument on the stand, take it off all without any extra manipulation. This combination stand is truly a game changer for any multi-percussion set-ups or symphonic settings.



For extra info, please view the video below. 
It is in German but all instruments and accessories are showcased. 


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