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KOLBERG @ Timpano

Timpano is now the official and exclusive dealer of Kolberg Germany percussion products in Canada and the U.S.

We are delighted to announce that we are now the exclusive dealer and representative of Kolberg Percussion in Canada and the US. 
Kolberg Percussion is a musical instrument manufacturing company specializing in percussion instruments and orchestral supplies, producing in Uhingen, Germany, and supplying international symphony orchestras, opera houses, music colleges and music institutions.
Brief History:
The company was founded by Bernhard Kolberg. His dual training and experience as a mechanical engineer and an orchestral drummer helped him understand the professional needs of musicians and orchestras. He was therefore able to implement these requirements in such a way that his products were very well received. In addition, Bernhard Kolberg did an apprenticeship with drum maker Eugen Giannini in Zurich. After his active time as a drummer with various symphony orchestras (Süddeutscher Rundfunk, Stuttgart Opera Orchestra, Stuttgart Philharmonic), he started his own business in 1968 as an instrument maker, initially in Ebersbach / Fils. In 1978 the company moved to its' own premises in Uhingen.
The company has a product catalog of over 4,000 items, the majority of which are percussion instruments. Orchestral requirements (music accessories) also represent an important product line. Complete furniture for symphony and opera orchestras is offered. This includes music stands and conductors' desks, special seating furniture for the individual instrumentalists in the orchestra, as well as transport and storage furniture. The flight cases for the transport of furniture and instruments of all genres are also an addition to the orchestra's needs.
The range of percussion instruments offered goes from a 2-octave chromatic set of boobams and Stockhausen Glissando Drum (developed with the composer in person) via church bells (!!!) and Mokushos, to the Mahler Hammer and pre-set multi-percussion set for Maki Ishii's "Thirteen Drums".
Mallets are produced in all versions required for professional playing of the percussion instruments or as custom-made products.
In order to be able to reproduce the multitude of instruments and the great variability in the instrumentation prescribed by composers in both chamber music works and symphonic instrumentation, Bernhard Kolberg designed the combination stand system. It is a mounting- and holding system designed according to the modular principle that allows the musician to freely arrange his percussion instruments so that they can be used easily and played optimally. This system, which was developed from Bernhard Kolberg's orchestral practice since 1964, has meanwhile become the worldwide standard for professional playing of percussion instruments established. It has proven itself in music practice to accommodate the instruments for individual compositions or movements from compositions on a stand so that it is easy to use as a whole - for example when assembling and dismantling during a performance. An example of this is the composition Rebonds A et B for solo percussion (1987-89) by Iannis Xenakis.
Kolberg has alway been at the forefront of innovation in the percussion world. Among many other notable inventions are the one-piece hand-hammered timpani copper bowl, the dampening pedal system for concert bass drums, as well as the potentially lightest and sturdiest marimba frame made out of aluminum. 


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