Boxing week 2022

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Boxing week 2022

Boxing Week Specials 2022

This year's boxing week campaign is quite incredible! Between December 25th and January 1st we are offering a progressive rebate depending on the value of your purchase:

10% 15% or 20% discount

Holiday schedule:
26th December : 12-6pm
27 and 28th December : 10-6pm
29 and 30th December : 10-8pm
31st December : 10-3pm
1st January : closed

The discounts are available in the shop and on our website.
Online purchases will be possible starting on Dec. 25th using these promotional codes :

Purchases between 0-299.99$* : 10% off
Promo code : boxing0-300

Purchases between 300-1499.99$* : 15% off
Promo code : boxing300-1500

Purchases over 1500$* : 20% off
Promo code : boxing1500+
*before taxes
Some exceptions:
  1. Kolberg, Sabian, Gon Bops, Yamaha and Paiste products
  2. used instruments
  3. instruments we are selling on consignment
  4. instruments that are already reduced
  5. large classical instruments (timpani, tubular bells, marimbas, xylophones, vibraphones, etc.)
  6. instruments that are not currently in stock and special orders


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