Adams VAWA30G/9G3 3.0 Octave Alpha Series Vibraphone with Gold Bars

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The Adams Alpha Series Vibraphone combines advanced acoustic engineering with cutting edge design for an instrument that stands apart from the crowd both sonically and aesthetically.

Alpha Series instruments now feature the Adams Apex Frame — with its unique minimalist side pillar design, integrated shore braces, and ultra-strong two-piece crossbar, Apex instruments are quick to assemble and easy to transport, allowing performers at any level to achieve their peak performance.

Adams Alpha Series Vibraphones, with their beautifully stained wood rails and end pieces, are manufactured with the highest levels of craftsmanship and quality materials to meet and exceed the demands of today's top vibraphone virtuosos. Adams' propriety alloy and advanced Alpha tuning system create a full balanced tone throughout the range of the instrument. The new, highly stylized resonators flow in a natural arc to immerse your audience in every nuance of a performance. The Alpha Vibraphone features a newly designed motor that provides optimal accessibility and silent operation.


TUNING Alpha Tuning System



RAILS Graphite

ACCESSORIES Protective drop cover, 1 pair VR3 mallets included

Tuning: A=442

Range: HzF3-F6

Bar Width: 57-38mm

Length: 153 cm

Low end: 75 cm

High end: 40 cm

Height adj.: 85-103 cm

Frame: Apex

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