Dragonfly Resonance Series F1 Small Gong Mallet

Article number: DragonflyRSF1
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The Resonance Series F-Line consists of three gong mallets on hand-turned Padauk wood handles. The handles have a slight taper and a small knob on the bottom end. This design perfectly balances the heavy cores of each model. Each mallet is wrapped in high-quality synthetic Sherpa fleece. A removable eye bolt is threaded into the bottom of the stick and sports a color-coded hanging strap for easy identification of each mallet.  

The F1 small is a compact mallet that packs a surprising punch. This stick is incredibly versatile. It comfortably plays gongs as small as 18”  and as large as 60”.  It elicits an immediate response from the gong with a beautiful spread of high and low overtones. The low-profile disc shaped core is bolstered by two steel weights and is covered in a layer of soft felt and synthetic Sherpa. It is an easy-playing stick that is super maneuverable but still capable of a rich, full sound.

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