Kolberg E1KRW Concert Snare Sticks Jasmin - rosewood

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  • length 390 mm
  • shaft Ø 15.5 mm
  • tip Ø 8.5 mm


  • medium-sized, barrel-shaped tip
  • cylindrical shaft, balanced toward the tip


Item no. E1KRW
Material Rosewood, waxed
Weight 56 - 57 g

Handpicked, optimally processed tropical hardwood from controlled plantations.

  • Honduras-Jacaranda Rosewood (RW)
    This distinctly grained high-frequency exotic wood is also used for the production of marimba bars. Due to its high-quality and sensitive character it is suited for the subtlest and most nuanced play.

Quality characteristics

We examine all drum sticks carefully and match them according to three criteria:

  • same weight (+/- 1 g)
  • matching grain and colour
  • homogenous sound due to the same sound frequency

Please remember: Wood is a natural product! Slight differences in weight, shape or colour can occur.
Especially with Rosewood drumsticks, the natural frequency can vary within a stick.

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