Yamaha Keiko Abe Marimba Mallets MKA-04 - Hard

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Designed in close collaboration with Keiko Abe, her Signature Series Mallets are designed to draw out the most from both the performer’s technique and tone from the instrument in compositions that require exceptional technique. Ideal for advanced players, these mallets are much heavier than regular mallets. This causes the marimba’s tone bars to resonate fully creating a sound that has been up until now, difficult to obtain.

Shafts are 1-1/8” (3cm) longer than other Yamaha mallets*, which allows the mallets to exceed the demands required in contemporary music. 

Based on Yamaha’s Professional series with a rubber tube wrapped around its core. This design offers a slightly different touch that delivers greater expressiveness with enhanced sensitivity.

These mallets are ideal for advanced players as these mallets are much heavier than regular mallets. The weight of these mallets causes the marimba bar to resonate fully creating beautiful sounds throughout the instrument. These yarn wound mallets are ideal for solo work, along with concertos, and are available in a variety of lengths. Each mallet consists of a unique feature and texture as well as color-coded tape for easy identification during playing situations.

Rattan handles

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