Yamaha DTX10 Mesh Pad Electronic Drum Kit - Real Wood

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The DTX10 series is the flagship of the DTX lineup, combining the functionality of electronic drums with the sheer beauty of their acoustic counterparts.

Featuring real drum sounds and real room ambience recorded in world renowned studios, playability that allows you to create sounds intuitively, inspiring feel and expressiveness, and the true beauty of real birch shells with the same finishes used on acoustic drums, the DTX10 series was born from the technology and sensibilities that Yamaha has cultivated over its many years of crafting drums.

DTX10K-M Real Wood / Black Forest overview

Faithfully reproduces real drum sounds and real-room ambience recorded in world renowned studios
AMBIENCE, COMP, and EFFECT Kit Modifier knobs that allow you to create your own unique sounds
LED rotary faders that allow you to change many settings intuitively, accurately and quickly
Remo two-ply mesh heads with outstanding noise reduction, durability, and feel when hit, as well as great rebound, making them superbly comfortable to play
Beautiful wood shells that are built and finished at Yamaha acoustic drum factories
17” ride cymbal equipped with a hit point detection system
Individual Outputs, AUX inputs suitable for PA monitor return, USB port that can send and receive audio data directly to and from computers and smart devices
Professional Yamaha system hardware used for hardware and racks


Module: DTX-PROX
Snare: XP125SD-M (12 inch) Mesh head 2-zone pad
Tom 1, 2: XP105T-M (10 inch) Mesh head 2-zone pad
Floor Tom: XP125T-M (12 inch) Mesh head 2-zone pad
Bass Drum: KP128 (12 inch) Mesh head with Multi layer cushion
Hi-Hat: RHH135 (13 inch) 2-zone pad
Crash Cymbal 1: PCY135 (13 inch) 3-zone pad
Crash Cymbal 2: PCY155 (15 inch) 3-zone pad
Ride Cymbal: PCY175 (17 inch) 3-zone pad
Hi-Hat Stand: HS740A
Rack System: RS10-HXR

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