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The DTX10 Series is the flagship of the DTX lineup, combining the functionality of electronic drums with the sheer beauty of their acoustic counterparts.

No compromise has been made in recording the sound of the instruments themselves. The DTX PROX sounds have been fine-tuned to naturally follow the drummer’s performance and allow for maximum expression.

Performances by leading Yamaha drums artists were recorded and mixed by a team of recording engineers to provide the final instrument samples in the module. 

In the KIT MODIFER, the experience of Yamaha and our voicing that has been cultivated over the years, has been condensed into three knobs: Ambience, Compression, and Effect. With the simple twist of a knob, it is possible to express a wide range of sounds, from natural acoustic to the unique sounds created by professional engineers and producers.

The seven LED rotary faders can be used to change the parameters of all the instruments. With the fader select knob, you can select your preferred option from six presets (with 14 sub presets) and control it intuitively with the LED rotary faders.

Additionally, the LED rotary faders can be used to control connected external devices and DAW software, in studio and live situations. 

The DTX10 series lets drummers choose between two head materials according to their personal preference, for optimum response when playing. Yamaha TCS (Textured Cellular Silicone) heads feature a unique internal structure that provides a realistic response with realistic hardness and rebound, as well as a treated surface that prevents stick sliding. The result is a natural drum feel that encourages you to keep playing. 

The mesh pads use two-ply heads made by Remo. They boast outstanding noise reduction, durability, and feel when hit, as well as a great rebound, making them superbly comfortable to play. The heads can be tuned to suit your personal preferences. The snare pad is equipped with three sensors that precisely respond to delicate stick work.

The pads feature wooden birch drum shells which are made and painted at Yamaha acoustic drum factories. The badges, lugs, and hoops are also standard acoustic drum parts. These shells offer the presence and beauty of authentic acoustic drums and give the drums a greater presence and stage appeal. 

The KP128 Kick Pad uses a two-ply Remo head and features a unique three-layer cushion structure that offers the perfect feel with unparalleled comfort, regardless of the strength of the stroke. Everything from light hits to strong hits is equally comfortable to play. The 12-inch playing surface boasts both presence and portability, while the whole bass drum structure is incredibly stable and durable.

All cymbal pads feature 3-zones, meaning they all produce different sounds at the edge, bow, and cup, as well as choke and mute functionality. The 17” ride cymbals come equipped with a hit point detection function allowing them to reproduce delicate stick work.

The RS10-HXR is the DTX10 series rack system featuring HEX RACK II, a rack system for acoustic drums. Its appearance boasts an overwhelming presence that looks great everywhere, especially on stage.

Suitable for everything from playing at home to performing live and recording, it's equipped with 8 individual outputs and a matrix that allows routing to any output. The AUX IN jack sockets can receive the monitor signal from a PA system and can also be routed to different locations. The USB port can be directly connected to a computer or smart device with a cable to send and receive audio and MIDI. Furthermore, it's equipped with MIDI IN/OUT to allow you to connect to MIDI devices. The Bluetooth function allows you to easily connect smart devices, and you can also record your playing, and audio from other devices, to a USB flash memory.

The DTX-PROX also comes with a download code for the latest version of "Cubase AI" the powerful music production software.  

When you demand high-definition sounds, flagship performance and an undeniable stage presence, look no further than the DTX10 Series.

• Faithful reproduction of real sound and ambience recorded in world-renowned studios
• KIT MODIFIER featuring AMBIENCE, COMP, EFFECT knobs to easily create your own sound
• DTX-PROX module features "Live Set" capabilites to recall prearranged kits, tempos and audio files with one touch
• LED Rotary Faders changes various settings quickly and intuitively
• Beautiful wood shells molded and finished at the Yamaha Drum factory
• Yamaha TCS heads provide a natural feel and rebound for enhanced playability
• Snare pad and Ride cymbal pad have positional sensing for more expressive playing
• Individual Out terminal outputs up to eight sounds, AUX IN terminal which can input monitor sound from PA
• Connect wirelessly via Bluetooth to play along with songs
• USB terminal can send/input audio and MIDI data to smart devices or PC
• Built on Yamaha’s interchangeable hardware, including the Hexrack system delivering top level flexibilty and strength
• Record, edit and mix with downloadable Cubase AI software inlcuded

Pictured Hardware is Included.  All you need is a Bass Pedal, a Seat, Headphones, and Sticks! 

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