Meinl Energy Therapy Singing Bowl 10.2in

Article number: SB-E-1800
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The Meinl Sonic Energy Energy Series Singing Bowls feature a reinforcement rim that produces a high tone at first followed by a deep tone afterward, and they have a very long sustain. These bowls are suitable for upper body sound massages.

When softly tapped or rubbed, Sonic Energy singing bowls release a fascinating, multi-layered, and colorful sound that resonates deeply within the soul. Over a rich fundamental tone, entire waterfalls of singing overtones emerge to float freely in space and unfurl inside the body. Once the sound starts vibrating, it won't stop; even a minute later, a soft reverberation can still be felt.


  • Handcrafted masterpiece
  • Made in India
  • Special bronze alloy
  • Ideal for upper body sound massage
  • Includes corresponding cover and felt ring
  • Engraved logo


  • Cover
  • Felt ring


  • 1800g
  • 63.5oz


  • 25.9cm
  • 10.2″
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