British Drum Co Aviator Snare Drum 14X6.5in

Article number: AV-14-65-SN
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The first ever aluminium snare drum from the British Drum Co. and we are delighted to announce its arrival. Influenced by the graceful lines and gleaming metal profiles of the classic craft of aviation history, we developed a snare drum to inspire your playing to stratospheric heights.

This stylish, elegant snare drum delivers a dry, controlled sound with a sensitive response over a wide dynamic range. Aviator inspires you to articulate your sticking from graceful ghost notes to a full-throated roaring backbeat. This drum offers you the full range of crisp, clean sounds to suit all types of playing.


Classic Art-Deco styling combined with exceptional build quality makes the British Drum Co. Palladium snare strainer a solidly dependable component on the Aviator snare drum.


Inspired by the iconic Art-Deco styling of the 1930s, our high-quality chrome-plated Palladium lugs feature ThreadGrip technology for rock-solid tuning.


The Aviator features a bespoke “Wingspan” design vent badge inspired by the classic geometric stylings of the golden age of Art-Deco.


A piece of Cherry veneer behind the 'B' badge brings a touch of warmth to the Aviator's look.

Size: 14X6.5"
Shell: Aluminum
Construction: 1.2mm seamless
Bearing edge: 45°
Lugs: 10
Hoops: 2.3mm triple-flanged
Finish: Anodized

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