Sonor Kompressor Beech Snare Drum 14X6in

Article number: KS 1406 SDW #NAB
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Size: 14X6”
Shell: Beech
Construction: 12-ply
Bearing edge: 45°
Lugs: 10
Hoops: Triple-flanged 2.3mm
Finish: Natural Semi-Gloss

From the manufacturer:
SONOR implements a slightly narrow outside shell measurement for optimized head contact. This is a SONOR specialty, resulting in excellent tone, better sustain and controlled decay. Right in tune, 100% of the time with a patented system that prevents tension rods from loosening, giving maximum tuning stability, even under extreme environments. Kompressor Snare Drums are equiped with tripple-flanged 2.3mm Steel Power Hoops for a full and focused sound with a solid playing feel. At SONOR, we truly believe that first impressions last. All Kompressor Snare Drums are outfitted with USA-made REMO® heads for a professional sound right out of the box. Our Standard Snare Throw-Off keeps it simple. The adjustment knob for the snare wire tension and lever operate smoothly. Together they provide functionality that is just to the point. KOMPRESSOR wood snare drums use a 12-ply, 8mm Heavy Beech Shell that is made using and assembled in Germany using our proprietary Cross Laminated Tension Free Process (CLTF).

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