Sonor ProLite Brass Snare Drum 14X6in - Die-Cast Hoops

Article number: PL12-1406SDBD
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Size: 14X6.5"
Shell: Brass
Construction: 1mm
Bearing edge: 45°
Lugs: 10
Hoops: Die-Cast
Finish: N/A

| Toby Vattilano 04-03-2022 01:19

First off all, the staff is top notch. As good as it gets. Know it and feel comfortable making your purchase from Timpano Percussion. Second, this drum is amazing. It is NOT your typical 1mm brass snare drum. It, like all Sonor Drums, is undersized by approximately 1/8" which truly lends itself to a deep, woody-like tone and crack. The sound really belies its 6 inch depth. It is a THICK sounding drum. Sensitive like an orchestral drum as well. No ping or honk associated with brass shells either. It's sharp, concise and quick with beautiful sustain. Can't go wrong with Sonor.

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