PDP Wood Hoops 14in - 10 lugs (pair)

Article number: PDAXWH1410C
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The PDP PDAXWH1410C wood hoops might change the way you relate to your snare drum.

They offer a sound and feel that has to be experienced to believe! A rim shot on a wood hoop is simply awesome. Cross-sticks are warm and fat, and the overall sound of the drum is warmer, thicker, and more resonant. So to take your sound in a new direction, add a pair of PDP wood hoops.

These hoops are sold as a pair, for 10 Lug, 14" Snare Drums. They provide a clean, dense rimshot, with an impressive crack that has less metallic ring, and cross-stick sounds are enhanced by the wood on wood contact.

These fit a 14" 10-lug snare drum.

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