Marimba One Double Helix Marimba Mallets DHR6 rattan

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The Marimba One Double Helix DHR6 Soft Rattan Marimba Mallets are a mid-weight mallet line designed to provide warmth and a full fundamental throughout the entire range of the marimba with a smooth, dark attack. Using two separate yarns, one synthetic yarn and one wool yarn wrapped with relaxed tension, Marimba One is able to provide a multitude of different sounds and feels.
Another unique design characteristics is the use of Dual Cores, a process called overmolding. This patented process consists of injection molded polymers carefully injected in hard and soft layers, resulting in a very consistent mallet which provides the ultimate marimba bar tone. This process, combined with various yarn tensions, also results in a nicely weighted and balanced head with wide tonal capabilities.
Color: Gray/Red
Hardness: Soft
Handles: Rattan

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