Dream Bliss Crash/Ride Cymbal 18in (1400g)

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The Bliss series is a truly modern instrument with a respectful nod to the ancient art of cymbal making.

The micro-lathing and low bow creates a dark, rich tone while feeling slightly soft on the stick.

Thinner than most modern cymbals, the Bliss line posses a warmth and complexity at soft volumes not attainable by heavier cymbals. Yet at higher volumes, they continue to open up with a warm wash and short decay, making them an amazingly dynamic musical tool.

The Dream Bliss BCRRI18 18" crash-ride exudes a dark, rich warmth with excellent stick sound. Its small bell is articulate and clear.

• Fully functional crash and ride
• Tides of darkness
• Micro lathed by hand
• Low, gentle bridge
• Small bell

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