Danmar Zoro Square Bass Drum Beater (felt)

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The Zoro Signature Bass Drum Beater is a square felt beater that is aptly named! The felt design allows for maximum contact between the beater and the bass drum, which in turn creates more power and a deeper, warmer sound. Perfect for compositions that require a bit more oomph and a solid, sturdy bass drum beat. The square head with it’s perfectly flat surface provides great attack and is extremely hard hitting, this paired with the hardened black steel shaft has the ability to transmit a lot of power! The square head also provides a tremendous amount of balance between the amount of speed and power that is created.

Created by Danmar, an american brand headed up by founder, Frank DeVito drummer to industry heavyweights such as Elvis, The Monkees and Frank Sinatra. DeVito rolls with the big guns so you know the quality, style and sound of his products are second to none!

  • Square Felt Beater
  • Zoro Signature model
  • White Felt Beater 
  • Medium density head
  • Well rounded, punchy bass drum sound
  • Balanced for speed and power control
  • Black Steel Shaft
  • American quality – Made in USA
  • Suitable for use with all leading bass drum pedals
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