Dragonfly RBI-PWS - Polycarbonate Wand Small

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Designed to produce a big sound with a maximum spread of high and low overtones, the polycarbonate wands are the perfect compliment to the warmer, softer sound of the leather wands.  The added mass from the steel ball brings out the fundamental, while the hard polycarbonate tube elicits lots of highs.  The tubes have a similar tactile feel to a solid wooden wand, but without the white-noise friction sound typical of wood.  They’re hefty yet maintain a comfortable balance in the hand. And the foam grip helps reduce hand fatigue from extended playing.  Ideal for metal bowls sized 8" or less.

”My go-to for recording and live sessions, especially in a large venue, when I want to hear the full spectrum of each bowl’s capability.” -Benjamin Irons


¾” diameter x 5 ¾” long birch handle 

Small: 1” diameter x 3 ⅜” polycarbonate cylinder 

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