British Drum Company BDA-TS Tomspring 3-Piece Set

Article number: BDA-TS
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Tomspring from British Drum Company is a flexible interface between your tom and snare stand. Engineered from Delrin and designed to resonate instantly at the same frequency as your drum, these little beauties will keep your tom resonating fuller and for longer. Designed to stay on your tom even when cased. Tomspring fits all 12” & 13” rack toms with 6 lug triple-flange or die-cast hoops.

This handy, brilliant device allows you to mount your rack tom in a snare stand (a preferred method by millions of drummers) without the loss of tone and sustain usually attributed to this method. These connectors allow your drum to float in the snare basket, drastically reducing resonance for a massive increase in tonality. 

1) Fit under the tension rods on the underside of your tom

2) Locate in your snare cradle

3) Loosen the cradle to increase resonance

4) Tighten cradle to control / reduce resonance

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